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Training John Rooms

Training with Footrooms
John Rooms

Foot reflexology and neuropathy due to chemo

Regaining mobility and comfort

The aim of this course is to slow down, loosen and help the body resolve the negative effects of taxol precipitation. The aim is not to repair the possible damage of the precipitation on the nerve pathways but rather to prevent it from happening and/or making it worse.

Foot reflexology and pains in the foot

It is our way of touching that gives us an insight that a standard massage rarely provides. Anyone who has already undergone a sports massage or a Swedish massage will notice that little thought is given to the feet. So that makes our position unique. We do dwell on that part of the body.

And however innocent certain pains in the feet may seem, from our zone thinking we get an insight to lead the client to a solution. Our way of touching revolves around a three-pronged approach. We take hold of the skin ( step 1), put pressure on matter ( step 2) to stimulate the area in that area ( step 3). The pain in step 2 is revealed.

The aim of this training is to learn to understand the most common foot pains, ranging from morning stiffness to inflammation, and as a reflexologist to teach your client how to deal with them appropriately.


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